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Are You Salary Capped?

Many times, nurses are salary capped at their level and the only way to increase their pay is to pick up a new specialty. Prof-Ed

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Foot Care for Baby Boomers

Professional Education, LLC, announces a new online offering: Strategies for Entrepreneurial Nurses After specialized foot care training, nurses can set up boutique practices to tend

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Prof-Ed Privacy Measures Have Been Updated

Professional Education Privacy Policy Professional Education cares about the privacy and security of all the users of the website. The website itself is hosted on


Nurses–Make Your Hands Happy!

DRY, CRACKED HANDS – A NURSE’S TRIBULATIONS The primary cause for deeply dehydrated hands comes from washing and the immediate application of alcohol-based sanitizers. This is


FCNs Must Test for PAD

Foot-care-trained nurses are quick to spot troubling symptoms in their patients’ lower limbs and feet Peripheral artery disease (PAD), sometimes called Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD),


September is Pain Awareness Month

Did you know… Gout is one of the fastest growing arthritic illnesses in the United States. It is very painful and is difficult to treat.

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