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Foot Care for Baby Boomers

Professional Education, LLC, announces a new online offering: Strategies for Entrepreneurial Nurses

After specialized foot care training, nurses can set up boutique practices to tend to the growing demographic of elderly and chronically ill patients who need safe, healthy foot care.
prof-ed trainingThe U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced in April, 2018, in the final 2019 Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters the rules will change requiring certain health plans to cover “essential health benefits” (EHBs).  These changes mean states and insurance providers can redefine what coverage will be allowed for those living with diagnosed pre-existing conditions, including diabetes. It is likely foot care benefits will be further reduced for those living with chronic conditions such as diabetes, and these patients will be forced to pay for this important care. As an alternative to high costs in hospitals and medical offices for this care, RNs will be able to meet these needs for routine foot care for the chronically ill in independent boutique foot care businesses as per their state Nurse Practice Guidelines.

To meet this growing demand for foot care, Professional Education announces the creation of a dynamic online 5-module course, Strategies for Entrepreneurial Nurses. This program guides nurses in the steps necessary for setting up boutique nursing care businesses and offers important marketing and business strategies in a track toward success.

The course was written for nurses who have the expertise to provide safe routine foot care for their patients, however, any niche nursing specialty could benefit from this guidance. The Strategies Program solves the problem of “no prior business training” for these new entrepreneurs. It provides them the information they need in setting up a business specializing in foot care, ensuring higher success and efficiency in their practice and smoothing out potential bumps in the road to success.

Time-lines, check lists, equipment lists, and much more are provided to support efficient set up of their businesses. A myriad of considerations for establishing a new business are included along with the necessary business information they were never offered in traditional nursing training. Strategies for Entrepreneurial Nurses is available on the cutting-edge online educational platform at

Professional Education ( also has created comprehensive preparatory course, s for both the RN and the LPN/LVN level which meet the qualifications necessary for both the CFCN® and the CFCS® certifications. For further information, see or call 863-273-9134.

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