New Course: Foot Care with Electric Files

Nurses who provide foot care for their patients need electric filing skills.

Tending to your patients requires manual dexterity–and a smart nurse will use all the tools available. Hand-held rotary devices (aka electric files or e-files) are just one of those tools…but they have many benefits.

Benefits of Electric Files

First and most logically, perhaps, is that any time you are reducing the thickness of a thickened nail or taking down excess callus, using a specialized abrasive will be faster. Targeting a specific area with a properly braced abrasive can allow quick, yet comfortable, reduction of excess nail or callus.

New Course Offered: Foot Care with Electric Files

Something you might not have thought of, is that taking down callus or thickened nails can be safer with an electric file. There is the opportunity for injury with any hand-held implement–whether a hand-held file or an electric machine–but it is easier to safely confine the abrasive surface to the desired area if the hand is still, rather than moving back and forth with manual debridement.

Another benefit to an electric file is the longevity of your career. Repetitive movement stress on your shoulder, elbow, wrists, etc. can be reduced greatly by using an electric file.

Electric File Training

Learning to safely use an electric file is first, learning about your machine and the bits or burrs, and secondly, learning a safe way to practice. One of the best things to do is to take a training course that breaks down the machine, its parts and the burrs, and then practice on yourself. You will quickly learn what the “ouch” factor is if you abrade your own callused area too long and heat it up! Professional Education’s course not only teaches you all the moving parts, but it also shows you some practice techniques you can set up for yourself. The videos embedded in the course show a couple of grips to hold the hand piece as well as demonstrate several specific tasks the electric file can help you safely, quickly perform.

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