Exciting New Course: Strategies for Entrepreneurial Nurses

SEN-2017-entrepreneurial-nurses-prof-edProf-Ed is excited to launch a new training program chock-full of strategies, processes and techniques for establishing yourself in a boutique nursing practice.

Are you tired of “clocking in” for an institution? Hate begging for time off and getting cheated out of holidays you were supposed to spend with your family? Ever dream of “being your own boss?” What if you could set your own schedule and block out time off when you needed it? What if your work could be targeted for the specific types of patients you want to work with? Can you imagine work that isn’t 3/4 paperwork and meetings and 1/4 patient care, but more time spent doing what you really want to do…taking care of people?

Strategies for Entrepreneurial Nurses is a 5-module program that will answer many questions you would face in determining whether you wish to pursue an independent nurse practice, and if so, how to go about setting one up efficiently.

Written using as an example a “healthy feet” Routine Foot Care practice, the ideas, strategies, checklists, etc. could be used for any nursing care modality. Module Titles are:

Module 1: A New World for Entrepreneurial Nurses – a discussion of the evolving need for non-traditional health care and how nurses can take advantage of a growing population segment.

Module 2: Setting up Your Practice – discussion, illustrations, photographs, checklists and more to help you in your planning, licensing and budgeting process.

Module 3: New Marketing Strategies – tried and true techniques for creating referral networks in your community, including winning over medical practitioners who need support for routine “healthy” care, creating physician extenders which allow them to focus on patients with greater needs.

Module 4: Growing Your Business – effective internal and external marketing techniques which will help you attract your desired patient demographic.

Module 5: Resources for Entrepreneurial Nurses – suggestions on how to find good vendors, examples of collateral materials with proven track records, sample forms, and much more.

As a bonus, the purchase of this course includes 2 hours of consultation with our experts who have years of setting up successful and flourishing boutique businesses. You tell us what area of expertise you need and we will be happy to speak with you about your unique potential.

The course is live and available now. Click here to learn more Strategies for Entrepreneurial Nurses.

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