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LPN/LVNs Foot Care Program (90-day Access)


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Clinical Practices in Foot Care for LPN/LVNs (25 CEs) For licensed LPN/LVNs, this course gives you the information you need to confidently provide nursing care for your patients with special health considerations. Diabetics and those with other chronic illnesses especially need your skill handling of assessment, treatments and interventions.  You will have ninety (90) full days of unlimited access to the material. This course has been approved for 25 CE Contact Hours by the California Board of Vocational Nursing (check your state Board for reciprocity.)

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LPN/LVN Foot Care Program

Clinical Practices in Foot Care for LPN/LVNs

Comprehensive Online Foot Care Training for LPNs and LVNs

– Boost your career with new skills and training

  • It provides foot care knowledge for LPNS or LVNs who work with at-risk patients
  • It consists of an introduction and rationale plus nine topics written specifically for the training of LPNs or LVNs
  • It is available entirely online–no travel expense or time away from your job or home
  • It can be taken at your convenience–any time or any place a computer and internet access are available
  • Provides 25 Contact Hours of continuing education

The Role of the Licensed Practical Nurse/Vocational Nurse

is such that health care assigns them first contact with patients during daily care. They become their patients’ first line of defense against advancing infections or conditions, so foot care training is important for this nurse in many workplace settings:

Foot Care of the Elderly

Many of the elderly suffer from chronic conditions and illnesses which require special care of the patient’s feet to prevent infections and to prevent or interrupt the track toward amputation and death. The LPN/LVN trained through this program will have the information needed to provide this preventive care.

Hospital Stay Foot Care

Ulcers on the feet and legs of med-surg patients can progress from no symptoms to needing acute wound care in as little as 48 hours. These patients benefit from an LPN/LVN’s training in the prevention and care of ulcers on the feet and legs.

Long Term Care Facility Foot Care

LPNs/LVNs in this setting must know foot care for performance of daily inspection and care of these patients to prevent progression to the need for acute care. Good foot care can reduce suffering and potential morbidity of these patients.

Certification as a Certified Foot Care Specialist (CFCS®)

The American Foot Care Nurses Association accepts the 25 hours of Contact Hours granted in completing all 10 Modules of this course as qualification to sit their exam.  Please go to the AFCNA website to read about their certification program.

Podiatry Offices and Diabetic Foot Care Clinics

Only 17,000 podiatrists provide foot care to the burgeoning population of diabetics and elderly in the US. Foot care-trained LPNs/LVNs can lighten the load for podiatrists and physicians by assisting in med-surg care and increasing patient treatment numbers in the offices/clinics.

Home Care Nurses

Training in foot care is a very important in serving home-bound patients as no, or poor, foot care can cause ulcers and other serious infections. An LPN/LVN that is trained in foot care can legally perform routine foot care, such as nail trimming in this setting. This program provides important information needed to provide care for their patients.

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Clinical Practices in Foot Care for LPN/LVNs
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 5 reviews
 by MB

I really appreciated the information on wounds, wound care and the information I learned will help me while assessing patients. I will make sure I'm educating my patients so they can increase skills for self care

So glad to hear you will be educating your clients on better self care!

 by Shaylin Matthews

This was a great course and very informative. I learned a lot of new things that I did not know about. The courses were very easy to take, and easy to complete. I paused a lot just to take notes on the things I wanted to which is a a great option to have. I really enjoyed this course and feel you guys did a great job putting it together.

Thank you!

You're most welcome, Shaylin. We wish you great success in your career.

 by Cheryl

I was hoping to learn more about the clipping and filing of the elderly toenails.

Cheryl, we regret you did not find the skills training you were looking for. We feel clinical work under supervision is the best possible training for skills in handling the implements, safely performing the various treatments, and so on. It's impossible to guide and correct without being there and seeing your work. Perhaps you could reach out to a CFCN in your area and shadow? Or find an internship? Best wishes!

 by Michelle Gallego

I perform nail trimming and routine foot care in a Family Medicine clinic and educating patients in daily foot inspections. Thanks for putting this course together for LPNs!

Michelle, you're welcome! Your patients are lucky to have you!

 by Stuart Dick

Shout out to the awesome staff (Karen) who helped me with the technical difficulties I had with my system.

My pleasure speaking with you, Stuart! -Karen

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