Strategies for Entrepreneurial Nurses

Strategies for Entrepreneurial Nurses

Online Training in Business Development

This program is chock-full of ideas, tools and topics to think about if you are considering a change in your nursing career.

  • It discusses a unique entrepreneurial opportunity for nurses to create a stand-alone practice
  • It gives you the justifications and the methods for obtaining the training needed for this new specialty
  • It’s available entirely online
  • It can be taken at your convenience–time or any place a computer and internet access are available
  • It provides 5 hours of CE Contact Hours (California – check your state for reciprocity)

***Bonus *** Includes 2 hours of Practice Development Consultation to help you develop your new practice plans.

Nurses can be Entrepreneurs

Nurses can take advantage of changing demographics to create a new, interesting career choice – opening their own practice as a Foot Care Specialist

Private or Mobile Foot Care

Some states allow nurses to develop their own treatment practices in Routine Foot Care. The legal parameters are mapped out in the state’s practice guidelines and can provide the freedom and opportunities never before enjoyed in the nurses’ professional lives.

Foot Care of the Elderly

Americans are living longer and the numbers of elderly and diabetics are increasing quickly. Many will be suffering from chronic conditions, such as diabetes and others that require special care of their feet, and the med-surg nurse can be the one providing it.

Bed-bound Patients

Ulcers can occur on pressure point areas, including the heels of the feet, which can progress from no symptoms to an ulcer needing acute care within 48 hours. Patients benefit from a nurse’s assessment, prevention and care of these conditions on the feet.

Long Term Care Patients

Foot care in this setting is critical as poor foot care may allow the development of severe lesions on the feet and legs of patients, with potentials for amputation and death. It is imperative nurses in this setting know foot care to reduce the suffering and morbidity of patients.

Podiatry Offices and Diabetic Foot Care Clinics

Trained nurses can lighten the load for podiatrists and physicians by performing Routine Foot Care and dramatically increasing patient treatment numbers. Many physicians and podiatrists are looking for relief from RFC so they can concentrate on more critical care.

Home Care Nurses

Nurses can perform foot care for home-bound patients. No, or poor, foot care can cause ulcers and other serious infections on the feet. A nurse trained in assessment and Routine Foot Care is providing important prevention and treatment care to these patients.

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Strategies for Entrepreneurial Nurses
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