The Quest for Interesting CE Hours

“More CEs…I need more CEs!”

As a nurse you’re required to keep up with your training, and every licensure period you must have a certain number of CE hours. There are many educational opportunities out there, but very few deal with the feet. What? The feet, did you say?

Yes, the feet may be lowly and humble, but problems with your feet can literally take you to your knees! Patients often will put off “little dings” or annoyances, but when they do finally book a medical appointment, you often get a laundry list of medical complaints. And then they add “Oh, and I’ve been having problems with this right foot.” After this program, you will be ready for this to happen.

Think back on your training days….do you remember that chapter on the feet and lower extremities? No? Not really? We surveyed eight nursing text books and the feet were barely mentioned. No interventions. No treatments. No comprehensive list of conditions that you should be looking for with every office visit.

With all that in mind, we have designed an online program in which you can put everything together and bridge the information gap in your textbooks with our foot care-specific training programs. At the same time, you can also earn your required CEs.

  • Our LPN/LVN course grants 12 CE contact hours and you will learn to recognize and understand the implications of your observations during foot assessments. And these skills will add to your value in your position!
  • The RN course grants 24 CE contact hours (1) and you’ll garner the knowledge you need when baby boomers and those with chronic health conditions present with foot complaints. The course also serves as a prep course for the WOCNCB’s CFCN exam. With this online program, you can take advantage of adding another board certification to your skill set and command a higher salary.

Book your course and get the vital information you need to take care of the multitude of foot conditions you see with confidence. You’ll earn some new and interesting CEs…and your patients will thank you!

(1) Editor’s Note: In October, 2017, the biennial review and update of the RN course added more materials and the CEs allocated for this course was increased to 25 Contact Hours.

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