September is Pain Awareness Month

Did you know…

Gout is one of the fastest growing arthritic illnesses in the United States.

It is very painful and is difficult to treat. Caused by the imbalance of uric acid in the joints, one of the most affected joints in Gout is the hallux. Foot Care Nurses will see patients who have this form of arthritis. In many cases it can be successfully managed through dietary changes.

FCNs must know the dietary changes that will manage this disease and then educate their gout-suffering patients on these tactics. The most effective dietary change is reducing the amount of uric acid levels; this will reduce the number of attacks.

The Arthritic Foundation has an excellent blog titled “What Role Does Diet Play in Gout Management”

A second great informational blog is titled “Making Smart Meat Choices if you have Gout”

These blogs are written for the consumer but are excellent education for Foot Care Nurses to pass on to their suffering patients.


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